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Distressed Building


Cracks in walls and ceilings? Doors and windows not closing properly? These are signs that your building is moving.   Many factors can cause a building to become distressed, and a detailed geotechnical investigation is needed to determine the contributing factors and develop a plan to stop the damage.

Causes of building movement can include:

  • Foundations not designed for the site conditions or not constructed to the Australian Standard
  • Excessive drying or wetting of the soil profile causing the soil to shrink or swell under your foundations

Rock Solid Earth has experience investigating distressed buildings across Victoria.  We will tailor an investigation specific to your site to identify the cause of the damage and provide remediation options.

Our standard investigations include;

  • One of our experienced geotechnical engineers will inspect the damage to your building, and the damage will be classified in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 2870 – 2011.
  • Onsite and laboratory testing will be undertaken to assess the soil conditions, especially the moisture content of the soil.
  • A footing probe will be completed to assess the as-built dimensions and condition of the current footing system.
  • Floor level measurements to check for ongoing and direction of movement.