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About Us


Rock Solid Earth is our Melbourne based division of Geotechnical experts under the banner of Rock Solid Group.

Rock Solid Earth has over 30 years of professional Geotechnical experience working across metro and country Victoria. With this wealth of knowledge, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands. 

We have local expertise for Geotechnical soil tests for residential through to major commercial sites; Distressed Buildings; Landslide Risk Assessments; Land Capability Assessment and Bushfire Assessment Reports.

Rock Solid Earth understands that navigating your project through to construction can be a daunting task. Speak to us first; and we will help you on your way. It is worth the small investment at the front end of your project to eliminate unwanted and time consuming headaches down the line. Rock Solid Earth takes great pride in offering exceptional client support and strives for excellence in all projects, both big and small. 



Martin Roubal has been the managing director for the Rock Solid Group of companies for the past 30 years acquiring extensive experience in all facets of geotechnical engineering with specific emphasis on non-destructive testing and locating of underground utility networks. He has also been involved in geological and geophysical surveying and mapping using radar, electromagnetic, seismic and magnetometer techniques.

Having completed projects throughout Australia and globally specifically in non- destructive testing, and having developed specific patented technology, Martin Roubal now publishes numerous papers and presents at conferences dealing with asset evaluation throughout the world.

His greatest achievement is the acceptance and utilisation of the unique and patented Australian developed technology and processing software by water, sewer, gas and nuclear industries.