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Land Capability Assessment


In areas where connection to a reticulated wastewater system is unavailable, it is necessary to install an onsite treatment system for the management of wastewater. This generally applies to areas outside of the developed metropolitan region. The options for onsite wastewater treatment are wide and varied but not all options may be appropriate for your site or needs. Let Rock Solid Earth clear up any confusion for you and detail your options in a comprehensive report.

We will perform the detailed analysis required for the design of these systems, including onsite and laboratory testing and analysis in accordance with the Victorian Government and Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requirements. 

What is a LCA?

If you are planning on treating your wastewater onsite, then you will need a Land Capacity Assessment (LCA). This investigation is designed to determine how water moves through the soil profile on your site. The information provided by the investigation will be used to design a wastewater system that will safely and effectively manage your wastewater.

The options for onsite treatment of wastewater are wide and varied, with many factors impacting what is the most suitable option for your property. RSE will tailor an investigation to your site and proposed construction.

The LCA report includes the following information and recommendations:

  • Results of onsite and laboratory testing
  • Land Capability Assessment Matrix
  • Recommendations on treatment system, land application and sizing of the irrigation system
  • Irrigation system description
  • Buffer distances calculations
  • Monitoring, operation and maintenance


LCA’s are required for all developments proposing to use onsite wastewater treatments, whether because a sewerage system is unavailable or is chosen not to be used.

Your LCA report must be completed according to all relevant Australian Standards and Codes of Practice, including:

  • Code of Practice Onsite Wastewater Management presented by EPA Victoria, February 2013
  • Victorian Land Capability Assessment Framework, January 2014
  • Model Land Capability Assessment Report, February 2006
  • Australian Standard AS 1547 – 2013: On-site Domestic Wastewater Management